8 Creative Ways To Make Practicing Music Fun For Your Child

It's no secret that practising music can be repetitive and boring for kids. But it doesn't have to be that way! There are plenty of ways to make practising fun for your child. Here are 8 creative ideas:


1. Let them pick their own pieces to play.

2. Give them a "practice buddy" - another child who is also learning an instrument. They can practice together and help motivate each other.

3. Put together a band with your child and other siblings or friends.

4. Have them pick a song they love to play and get the lyrics so they can sing along while they practice. 

5. Play games while they practice. Examples: "I spy" or, "Simon says."

6. Watch music videos or play musical games on your phone or computer.

7. Make it a contest to see who can practice the most in a week.

8. Make a goal chart.


Let them choose their own music

One way to make practising music fun for your child is to let them choose their own music. This can be done by letting them pick out a song from a music book, or by letting them listen to different pieces of music and choose their favourite. This will allow them to feel more in control of their practice, and they may be more likely to enjoy it.


Another way to make practising fun is to give your child a choice in how they practice. For example, you could let them choose whether to play a piece of music all the way through once or twice, or whether to stop and correct any mistakes each time they play. This will again help them feel more in control, and they may be more likely to stick with it if they are enjoying it.


Add in some games

Games can be a fun way to make practising music more enjoyable for your child. Here are a few games that can help:


1. Simon Says – This classic game can be played with musical instruments instead of just body movements. Your child can take turns being “Simon” and calling out commands for the other players to follow. For example, “Simon says touch your instrument gently” or “Simon says play a high note.”


2. The Rhythm Game – This game is perfect for helping your child practice keeping a steady beat. Using basic household items like spoons or coins, create a simple rhythm and have your child try to copy it. As they get better, you can add in more complex patterns.


3. See how fast your child can complete a set of scales or how many difficult passages they can play in a row without making a mistake. You could even have a family dance party once they finish their practice session for the day!


Make a goal chart

One way to make practising music fun for your child is to create a goal chart together. Decide on a practice schedule and reward system that will work for both of you, then write it down and hang it up where your child can see it. As they reach their daily, weekly, or monthly goals, they'll get a sense of accomplishment—and you can help them celebrate their successes!



If you want your child to stick with playing an instrument, it's important to make sure they're enjoying themselves. If they're not having fun, there's a good chance they'll stop practising and never reach their true potential.


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