New Ways to Play the Clarinet

Traditional ways of playing the clarinet are no longer the only option

A new way to play the clarinet has been developed by scientists. This method is said to be more effective and efficient than traditional methods. The traditional methods of playing the clarinet are no longer the only option. The new method is based on the principle of acoustics and how sound waves travel. It uses a different embouchure, mouthpiece, and reed combination to produce sound. This new way to play the clarinet is said to be more comfortable and produce a richer tone.

The "circular breathing" technique allows players to take in air through their noses while simultaneously exhaling through their mouths. This results in a continuous airflow that allows clarinetists to play for extended periods without taking a breath.

The circular breathing technique was developed by Australian musician David Ogden, who is credited with popularising the use of this method among clarinetists. Ogden has been teaching the technique to students and professional musicians alike for over 20 years, and his students have gone on to win major international competitions.

This new way of playing the clarinet is not only changing the sound of the instrument but also giving performers a whole new level of endurance.

Clarinetists who are looking for a new way to improve their skills and sound might want to try the new "Contemporary Clarinet" method. Clarinetist and educator Aaron Hartley developed this approach, and it focuses on modern music styles such as jazz, rock, and funk. The goal of the Contemporary Clarinet method is to help clarinetists develop a more versatile skill set and to make playing the instrument more fun.

Hartley has designed the method so that it can be used by clarinetists of all levels, from beginners to professionals. One of the benefits of this approach is that it can help players break out of bad habits that they may have developed from playing traditional classical music. Another benefit is that it can make playing the clarinet more enjoyable since it allows players to explore new genres of music.

The difference between these and traditional methods

Traditional methods of playing the clarinet involve using a single reed, which is attached to the mouthpiece and blowing air into the instrument. The player produces sound by vibrating their lips, which causes the reed to vibrate. This method is called “single-reed” playing.

The new way of playing the clarinet that is becoming popular uses two reeds, one attached to each end of the mouthpiece. The player blows air between the reeds, causing them to vibrate. This method is called “double-reed” playing.

There are several advantages of double-reed playing over single-reed playing. One advantage is that it produces a richer, fuller sound. Another advantage is that it is easier to produce a consistent tone on a double-reed clarinet than on a single-reed clarinet.


In conclusion, this new way to play the clarinet is more fun and beneficial. By using a different way to hold the instrument, you can get a better sound out of it. This method is also helpful in teaching beginners how to play the clarinet. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via email at